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Attending Tech Days 2016

TechDays is een 2-daags topevenement voor developers en ops- of data-engineers die werken met de bekendste Open Source en Microsoft technologieën. Je maakt kennis met beproefde én nieuwe mogelijkheden om de ontwikkeling, implementatie en het beheer van applicaties op grote schaal te verbeteren en te versnellen. Op TechDays zie je welke processen, tools en technieken de wereld van IT transformeren.

Buznezzcard Explainer

An explainer about the Buznezzcard application.

High end App

BuzNezzCard is a high-end app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It serves as, but does not limit to the functionality of a digital address book.

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The innovative mobile businesscard for the 21st century business professionals and enterprises

Imagine a world where the contact data is managed directly at the source and where contact-cards and card-updates are pushed intelligently and selectively throughout the network to all relevant contacts, contactlists and connected contact-administrations automatically.

Imagine the endless possibilities …