Boost the Primary Event goal

Boost the primary Event goal: generating and strengthening strategic connections. Increase Event value by growing networks of partners and attendees  instantly, unobtrusive, naturally and “next gen-like”. The efficient and easy exchange of contact data improves the effectiveness of conversations held,  connections made and immediate follow-up.


Optimize your impact: create as many niche business cards as you need: Edit, update, refine and deploy on the spot to maximise your effectiveness for everything from new job opportunities, or projects to specific events, meetings and communities. Always the right card, for the right connection.


Extend your reach: effortlessly connect your employees and their BuzNezzCard contact lists to your Back Office CRM, ERP and HR systems. Contact updates and new registrations are maintained and managed automatically for your business to shift gears at any moment. No Administrative hassle. Zero lost opportunities

Meet & Work Spaces

Create a value-added personal intelligent space: Geo Adaptability is in the DNA of our product. Our Platform enables a full range of personal services digitally and efficiently. Connect people virtual and physical to your space(s) and to their fellow workers. Get the Buz of a HQ homeoffice community and let businesses flourish

Monitoring and tracking intelligently the total movement of all people around exhibitor stands, our Platform generates higher quality and more specific visitor data. Data includes all interested and not just those that have been 'scanned' manually creating a totality of lead data. Our patented sorting technology, enables easy sort of all visitor variables: Smart dashboard of categorized leads for the right follow-up by categorizing frequent visitors, passing-time tracking interest points, recurring stops or visits and directly engaged visitors.

All insights are gathered in an exhibitor specific data set to slice and dice and configure a brandspecific engagement and follow up strategy, either: Focus on connecting with genuinely interested VIPs who are selected and targeted in real time when they are approaching your stand.
Or create a virtual host service fro general interested visitors  by automatically pushing  relevant content based on interests and movements when stand members are otherwise engaged . This empowers the business to create leads and connections in the most effective way. Data generated by the platform can be used by the Organizers to refine visitor experience and grow the crowdbase.

We deliver a highly effective, intelligent personalized Event and Network Connection Service to grow the Networks and Businesses of Partners, Exhibitioners and Attendees. BuzNezzCardhas become the must have program for Event service Portfolios
B2B Events Our Platform effortlessly optimizes the quantity, quality and yield of valuable connections.

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